Friday, March 12, 2010

False Hope and New Found Healing

Well the alkalizing water didn't work like I thought. It seemed to help some, but the boils kept coming. After that I tried Chinese Medicine, fasting and other natural cures. I'm not necessarily against regular medicine, but they had no answer for me, except antibiotics which was only a band aid and causes side effects. My situation finally came to a head around Christmas time of 2009.

During Christmas time of 2009 I had finally run out of luck. The boil on my right index finger was so infected and swollen that my whole hand hurt and my finger looked like it belonged to Andre the Giant. Three days before Christmas I noticed red streaks running up my arm signifying the spreading of the infection. I had persisted through so many boils in the past few years without treatment because I knew that constantly using antibiotics would be unhealthy and ultimately make my problem worse. This time I had not choice and I rushed to the emergency room. The admitting nurse immediately recognized I would need intravenous antibiotics and sure enough when I saw the doctor it wasn't long before they tapped my vein and started administering Vancomycin, one of the strongest antibiotics available. I ended up staying in the hospital for four nights and then I was set up to receive the medicine at my home for the next two weeks. The bacteria from the boil had infected my blood. I was always afraid this would happen and finally my fear was realized. After the two weeks of intravenous Vancomycin my blood tested negative for the MRSA bacteria, but I knew from 3 years experience that once the antibiotics stopped taking effect in about a month then the boils would start to come back again.

My younger brother had the same problem in the past and he was healed by going to the William Hitt Clinic. I had always meant to go, but living in Northern California running an internet home business, it didn't seem possible to get away for enough time to receive the recommended treatment. After my hospital experience it got a whole lot easier to find the time to do so and I scheduled treatment for early in 2010. I went to the clinic for about 15 treatments in all over the course of about 3 months. While I was there I met people being treated successfully for cancer, Lyme disease, drug addiction and other serious ailments.

As for me the boils have stopped coming back. I haven't had any for about two weeks now and this is a record. The antibiotics have long since worn off. I really don't think I'm going to get any more boils, but I am planning on at least a few more treatments just to be sure. Then I'll continue to go back periodically for my general health. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Check out this YouTube Video about the clinic:

Monday, April 20, 2009


It has been almost two years since I last posted here. Actually my wife did the posting. Some things have been rough over the past two years and some have been incredibly great. The great part is my marriage and my son. My wife Anne and I are doing great together and we have a baby boy now. He's nine months old already. Wow! It is extremely rewarding and we have a very happy baby boy. He's not so happy at the moment though because he's had a 102 - 104 degree fever for the past four days. Speaking of illness, that's where the rough parts come in for me. I've been inflicted with MRSA for the past two years. I've been getting extremely painful boils all over my body. Luckily antibiotics would remove them - make them go away, but a month later they'd be back again. I've had to have 2 of them lanced - where the doctor uses a scalpel to open and drain a boil and I've had these ugly painful boils everywhere: my scalp, my eybrows, inside my ear, inside my nose, my back and my chest. The one on my eyebrow my my left eye swell entirely shut and I had one on my cheek that made me look like the Elephant Man or something because the whole left side of my head and face was hugely swollen with my glands swelling and hardening painfully. It's been tough to sleep because at any given time I'd have a boil or two on my scalp, face, neck and back and it's too painful to lay on any of them so finding a comfortable sleeping position was miserable. Now I'm happy to say that all that seems to be coming to an end. I've found an answer that started helping me get rid of the MRSA within 2-3 days after starting. It is an alkalizing water. I learned that the MRSA needs an acidic environment to survive so if I alkalize my body and strip out the acidity then the MRSA cannot live. Two or three days after I started drinking this water my symptoms eased up and I'm comfortable again. I can sleep at night now. The MRSA isn't totally gone yet, but I've only been doing this two weeks so far and it is recommended to use for 90 days. I'm confident that this water will help me to a full recovery. If anyone is interested they can get this great water here:

Friday, July 13, 2007

Here's a special blog post from Magic Matt's fiance Anne.

I just wanted to shout out to all of Magic Matt's customers, friends and associates:

In addition to managing his rapidly growing business, and always going the extra mile to take care of each and every one of his clients, he also makes time to be the most AMAZING caretaker to me while I'm recovering from some serious injuries I suffered recently from a bizarre accident I had during a kayaking trip on the 4th.

That is a story in and of itself, but in short, I recklessly tried to attempt rope swinging into the Russian River from a minicliff - over some dangerous rocks. Matt had done it successfully, and I wanted to keep up with him, despite his concerns. His concern was justified, as I slipped from the rope prematurely, flipped over ON THE ROCKS, then finally into the water. Matt dashed to my rescue the moment he saw me slip, and he was there at my side as soon as I landed.

He and my sister, along with several other wonderfully caring and supportive people who witnessed my fall, ferried me carefully across the river on a makeshift raft to a beach the EMTs could get to to, in order to get me into the ambulance and rush me to the hospital. I had broken a vertebrae in my neck, severely sprained my arm, and banged, cut and bruised my body up all over - though given the nature of my fall, I am extraordinarily lucky not to be paralyzed or dead.

I have been in a neck brace and arm sling since I got home, and for the first couple of days I was unable to even get myself to the bathroom without assistance. And my dearest, darling Magic Matt has been there the WHOLE TIME, doing EVERYTHING for me. He fed me and bathed me when I couldn't do it myself, and still, as I'm still healing but semi-functional, he does ALL THE CLEANING, ALL THE COOKING, helps me get dressed, drives me to and from my doctor's appts, interrupts his busy days to shuttle me to and from my office, and is up several times in the middle of the night when he hears me struggling with my brace or to change out my ice pack. And in the midst of it all, he is constantly encouraging and incredibly loving throughout.

Just thought I'd give you all a little window into the man they call Magic Matt.



Thanks Anne, You are my true love. Its been my pleasure to help you any way I can.

And in blinkee news, I'm currently working on a new shopping cart for and will be implementing it shortly. It will have shipping options, real credit card processing, google checkout and much more. Thanks for being a Magic Matt supporter. -Matt

Friday, June 15, 2007

First Blinky Blog Post Ever

Hello web. I'm now a blogger. Thanks for checking out my blinky blog.

I've recently added so much to Here's one more exciting addition. has a new look. Everyone says its much cleaner now. I've added new funcionality too. There's a category box and a search box. There's also an email list to announce new products and special deals. I've also added a cartload of product poems to spice up the site and make it more fun. Plus I'm adding more and more products all the time. I'll be adding a pig, cactus and train blinky soon, and I've just added light up centerpieces.

I love to hear feedback - positive or constructive (that's a kind word for negative.) Please let me know how you like the website and what you feel I could improve. Catch me at

Thanks for taking a minute to read my first post. Have a great time shopping or browsing.

That's all for now.


Magic Matt